No rules apply to him, he’s entitled to every thing, now spends about $10 15,000 a month on his 5 non-public credits playing cards, w/not anything to reveal for, and when I ask who or what he is helping, I’m told matters akin to, ‘possibly I’m getting scammed’?But he helps to keep PAYING this amount certainly not questioning?!, or, he’ll “analysis it and come back with me”. He’s even gone so far to claim, “possibly it’s YOU who’s using my cards for purchases “?!He accuses me of confiscating case look at answer mail, said he’s actually MISSING a card?!Its unimaginable to have a genuine dialog about ANYTHING, less feelings. If I ever do try and discuss anything hurtful to me, then I’m all the time accused of “attempting to pick out a combat”, or “there you go, along with your lists”. We even went to a counselor once who told me my husband would be perfectly fine with me being a Stepford wife. Just like I read, even case study answer counselor would wink at me, as a reminder of him suggesting that we just “go together with him”, when every little thing was manipulated and became on me?I felt like I could agree with no one. So let down.