His researches lead him to finish that to every emotion or mental image corresponds a circulation, or as a minimum an effort of it. That idea boosts one of case study solution main ideological accessories of trendy dance at its origins: “feelings and their intensity are case examine solution reason for circulate and its pleasant”. In other phrases, case study answer source of dance lies inside case examine solution dancer, and not outside, in codified gestures, like classical dance may suggest. Study and codification of a good judgment gadget about case examine solution relationships between case examine solution different parts of case look at solution body, alternative forms of move and different human feelings. Delsarte’s scholar Steele MacKay spreads his conception and teachings in case examine answer United States of America, leaving his impact in several figures of modern dance history like Ruth Saint Denis, Ted Shawn and Isadora Duncan, amongst others. Dalcroze is a pianist and conductor, crucial for modern dance historical past as a result of he invents a brand new approach to movement known as “Rhythmics” or “Eurhythmics”.